The 09 Suns

The 09 Suns is a Project of the LDMF Foundation, on how human society, culture, civilization would change if the hormonal changes and their influence into individuals would be considered for strategic management, self-management and leadership.

In principle, the example that need to be reviewed is that of how the hormonal changes influence a love relationship along a menstrual cycle.

As well, the impact that those changes creates in the field of communication, collaboration, decision making, perception (risk Management, strategic management) in both, individually and together, male and female, men and women.

09 Fields in which human performance needs to be advanced, and risk (strategic management) considered:

  1. individual self-management
  2. team of 2+ collaboration
  3. family, team of 3+
  4. community, organization
  5. location, culture, network
  6. 3+ locations, travel
  7. multicultural, multilocation management
  8. global strategic management
  9. global sustainable development, culture development and civilization advancement

The e-book: The 3 Suns, The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, on The Primordial Art of Cocreation, will review these radical perspective on human behavior and a futurist insight on how and why the hormonal influences and nature cycles, including the menstrual cycle, create a natural empowering force, supports individuals in the advancement of own skills, development of Matrix-Q Intelligence and  provides a frame for the development of a global culture and civilization in peace.