Trainers and Coaches – Gamified Experiential Training Program

Trainers and Coaches
Training Program

  • Starts with one up to 9 modules, training on methods and practices for trainers and coaches.
  • Advanced coaching methods will be facilitated as well as methods for experiential learning/education: learning by doing, playing and creating.
  • Candidates will need to complete an internship program, as well projects of application on the field monitored, and a thesis.
  • Roles given along the internship program may be : organizer, volunteer, training assistant, study circle coordinator, coaching assistant, coach, facilitator.
  • Candidates may apply for the Coaching School of the LDMF Foundation, and integrate the credits gained on this training program( “The Sun, The Moon & The Heart” with focus on influence of hormonal changes along the menstrual cycle) on the LDMF Foundation Coaching School Program
    Candidates are as well welcome to apply for the Scholarship 2017.
  • Fees vary according to case.
  • Companies may sponsor an in-house trainer/coach.
  • Trainings are provided along weekends, and inlcude, e-forum, e-learning and e-mentorship.