e-Book on Hormonal Influences & Nature Cycles

The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, e-book, 350 pgs. suggests practical methods for self-assessment, experiential practices, models for analysis, and information, that is dedicated to support couples, parents and single women, in the process of harnessing the influences of the menstrual cycle hormonal changes on their abilities for communication, collaboration and cocreation of their life path, love relationship, family and professional development.

The hormonal changes influence profoundly women, and creates at least 3 types of phases, along the menstrual cycle, that for men and women, may be challenging to cope with, and are cause of tension in their relationships, or in the case of singles, in their daily life.

Through the information, suggestions, experiences and methods suggested in this e-book, the readers will be able to harness that influence in turn it on their own favor. Make out of a “weakness, threat” on their relationship or self-management skills, a strength and opportunity for the development of a sustainable love relationship, successful parenting or balanced holistic professional life.

The book focus as well on principles of co-creation, and why the same menstrual cycle which is designed in order to bring new life to the world, does empower love partners in the process of creation, manifestation, co-creation, of their own future, wealth, projects, profession, arts and family. As well, the same natural process, if one collaborates with it, will be able to naturally empower individuals and teams, communities, organizations enhance their collaborative and cocreative work. Important information for CEOs and HHRR.

Gender, communication and collaboration is an important field to work within corporate, that would advance the capability of the organization in the field of resilience, business process, communication, team building, leadership, strategic management, self-management and governance, as suggested in this e-book.

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