Matrix-Q Test

The Matrix-Q Test of Intelligence provides information on the individual, team and organizational ability for strategic management, leadership and self-management. On how skillful an individual or collective of individuals is, in terms of solving a challenge by utilizing many perspectives simultaneously.

The Matrix-Q Test is very useful for the assessment of individuals and organizations that would like to integrate the factor of the impact of the hormonal influences on their daily risk management and strategic management.

Hormonal changes and their influence on the love relationship dynamic is the most interesting case, that will serve as an example, and demonstrate why Matrix-Q Intelligence is necessary for the purpose of advancing individual capacity of success, family/relationship sustainability, team-collaboration and organizational performance as well as culture and civilization advancement.

In this case, women and men will need to first realize there are at least 3 phases, in which their emotions, perception, behavior, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, set of priorities, ability for communication and collaboration will vary. In few words, by utilizing a symbolic representation of the situation, for purpose of self-management, it is mandatory to consider there are at least 3 individuals (meaning 3 phases of one individual) that need to coordinate efforts and performance, the three of them are different and may focus on different aspects and needs of the process at 3 particular given periods of time.

The ability to manage at least these 3 perspectives simultaneously, is the kind of ability the Matrix-Q Test measures. An ability that is necessary for time management, process management, communication, collaboration, decision making, strategic management.

Therefor the Matrix-Q Test is utilized for the purpose of assessment of individual and collective capacity of integrating hormonal changes and their influences, as well natural cycles, into strategic management and self-management. (For the case of this project, in the 09 fields in which human performance needs to be advanced, the 9 suns)